Austin is a stronghold for Ron Paul campaign

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The AAS covers this past weekend’s phenomenal Ron Paul “money bomb” and Tea Party ’07 activism. But of course the author just had to use the obligatory, dismissive identifiers “‘black helicopter’ crowd” and “Paul’s is the Keep Austin Weird campaign” to discredit his supporters.

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Austin is a stronghold for Ron Paul campaign

Supporters run the gamut from techies to libertarians to ‘black helicopter’ crowd.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Famously, flagrantly liberal Austin has almost overnight become a crucial redoubt in a campaign to elect as president a libertarian Republican congressman from Lake Jackson.

The strength of Ron Paul here is just another surprise in a campaign built almost entirely on the unexpected, delighting the candidate and confounding the experts. From the bursts of online political donations — nearly $11 million contributed by roughly 125,000 small donors — to the donors themselves — disaffected voters from both parties, idealistic political naifs, Constitutionalists (who believe in strict adherence to the Constitution) and anarchists — Paul’s is the Keep Austin Weird campaign of this presidential election cycle.

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