Guided By Voices

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by SMiles Lewis

“Do you ever think about … murder? About committing the ultimate crime?”
– Says the Voice in Your Head, Thanks to Court TV. (WABC)

Holosonic Paranormal State Advert Outdoors

It’s only a matter of time. The wrong person will find their way, like a deer trapped in headlights, into the path of a HOLOSONIC ™ advertising beam. Whether the voices tell them to “Drink more coke” or “tune in next week” they will snap. God bless and keep safe those who fall in their path thereafter. We’ll either get another mass shooter, mind control cult leader, or perhaps another President.

What has long been rumored within the conspiracy and ufology communities went public a few years ago (though a variant of the technology was discussed for use even earlier during the Waco siege) and is quickly infiltrating the market of ideas and real world applications. Holosonic sound technologies project a high pitched directional beam of ultrasound audio to an exact location, usually where the target audience’s head will be. The victim will hear a voice, music, advertisement, or whatever the beams controller would like, inside their head. No-one around them would be able to hear it, unless they could drag someone to that exact spot and hope the beam was still trained on the same location.

Holosonic Directional SoundThis technology is quietly appearing in museums and other locales desiring focused areas of audible information that won’t disrupt what is supposed to be an otherwise quiet environment. Imagine walking up to a painting and if you are in the right spot you hear a narrator giving the history and import of the artwork you’re admiring. The Seattle Space Needle has seen a successful deployment of this sort of audio delivery. Now bookstores, cafes, and street corners have the potential to become the new billboards “inside-your-head,” and yet another technological weapon of mass marketing, destruction, and deception. Just as there are plenty of potentially good uses uses for this technology, there are equally as many obvious covert uses for these devices as weapons of psychological warfare. Heck, the prank potential alone could make this the next novelty store favorite for getting even with your friends. Indeed, Holosonic sound’s inventor loves to freak out library users with his mind control toy.

Holosonic Vending MachineWhile modern psychology speculates about how normal or not it is to hear voices, historically, people who hear voices have succumbed to some rather intense fates. The Bible’s Book of Acts records the tale of Christian Persecutor Saul on a crusade to Damascus having a transformative experience after being struck by a light and hearing the word of Christ. His new spiritual path would ultimately lead him to be jailed for his beliefs. Flash forward to the 1400s when Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for hearing and acting upon the voices in her head, in the process becoming a paranormal and political force to be reckoned with. Years later the Vatican declared her a martyr and saint.

“Joan of Arc heard the voices of saints… Lansberry hears the voices of Carnegie-Mellon professors.” – John E. Mitchell, The North Adams Transcript

In more modern times many a “lone nut” has suffered from voices, and ultimately given in to those voices’ demands to kill. People like Mark David Chapman, who would give in and follow through on the voices urging them to kill; in Chapman’s case the target was John Lennon. However the stories of Chapman and many other modern voice-in-the-head-victims differ from those older historical examples, occurring as they did within the heyday of the CIA’s MK-Ultra experimentation.

John Lennon and Mark David Chapman The CIA Assassination of John Lennon (above) and

The FBI is the Catcher in the Rye! The FBI assassinated John Lennon

While the technology to project voices into the head may not have been around in 36 A.D. nor the 15th Century, surely the military intelligence complex investigations into the multitude of uses and effects associated with electromagnetic phenomena have led to ways of introducing sounds into the heads of its enemies.

Scientifically oriented UFO researchers and journalistic paranormal writers have chronicled this for decades. Computer scientist and astrophysicist Jacques Vallee has been warning about the use and abuse of these technologies within the UFO field since at least 1979 with his book Messengers of Deception. Vallee was talking about these issues in interviews with other leading UFOlogists like Jerome Clark (for FATE magazine) back in 1978:

“What we do know is that you can make people hallucinate using either lights or microwave or electromagnetic energy. You can also make them pass out; you can cause them to behave strangely, put them into shock, make them hear voices or even kill them.”

The dust-jacket quote to ufological journalist John Keel’s 1970 classic Why UFOs – Operation Trojan Horse reads …

“THIS BOOK IS A WARNING: Suppose the plan is to process millions of people and at some future date trigger those minds at one time? Would we suddenly have a world of saints or a world of armed maniacs shooting at one another from bell towers?”

Austin’s own bell tower sniper, Charles Whitman, never mentioned hearing voices, though rumors of a brain tumor might make you expect him to have heard them because sometimes, voices in the head have been known to warn the listener of brain tumors that were later confirmed by doctors. Or in the case of science fiction author Philip K. Dick, voices coming from a nearby radio (that was turned off) warned him of his son’s undiagnosed medical condition that would turn out to be true, and found just in the nick of time, saving his son’s life.

Ed Conroy’s Report on Communion - Whitley Strieber alienCorroborating alien experiencer, and government mind control victim, Whitley Strieber’s famous San Antonio experiences are the stories of other, lesser known locals who claim to have endured mind control experimentation and harassment in the form of voices in the head. Central Texan Bernie Nelson described being harassed in an Austin hotel room (Holiday Inn on the lake I believe) with voices of mind control technicians telling him that Abbie Hoffman was experiencing the same kind of harassment at the time. Radical political activist Abbie Hoffman would later commit suicide under suspicious circumstances.

Jose Delgado and the Mind Controlled BullThis technology, with its ability to remotely implant voices into the ears of its victims, has been described for decades in various patents and research papers by Government and Military darlings such as Jose Delgado. Delgado’s implantable stimoceiver enabled your cat’s ears to spy on you or allow any animal (or anyone) to become as robot controlled as the rampaging bull Delgado turned on and off with a switch. But these technologies rely on an implanted device. Microwave induction of auditory effects is another approach altogether and does not rely upon an implant. Both the implant enabled and microwave directed techniques are well documented with much information in the public domain.

“In 1973, Dr. Joseph Sharp, of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, expanded on Frey’s work in an experiment where the subject – in this case, Sharp himself – “heard” and understood spoken words delivered via a pulsed-microwave analog of the speaker’s sound vibrations.

Dr. Robert Becker comments that “Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with ‘voices’ or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.” In other words, we now have, at the push of a button, the technology either to inflict an electronic gaslight – or to create a true Manchurian Candidate. Indeed, the former capability could effectively disguise the latter. Who will listen to the victims, when electronically-induced hallucinations they recount exactly parallel the classical signals of paranoid schizophrenia and/or temporal lobe epilepsy?” – Martin Cannon on Robert O. Becker’s, The Body Electric (1985)

UFO and conspiracy researchers besides Vallee and Keel have been writing about these technologies for years. Parapolitical investigator Jim Keith wrote about them in his books Mind Control, World Control: The Encyclopedia of Mind Control (1997) and Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness (2003). Victim, researcher and activist Kathy Kasten has been documenting her and others’ victimization by these technologies since at least 1998. In 1996 David Guyatt was invited to present his paper “Some Aspects of Anti Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons” to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Montreaux, Switzerland. Though I’ve not been able to obtain a copy, Microwave News apparently reported on an alleged “three day top-secret non-lethal weapons conference [that] took place in the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland” in November of 1993. This alleged conference is said to have been chaired by none other than non-lethal weapons expert and paranormal UFO researcher Col. John B. Alexander. But perhaps nothing ignited the mind control conspiracy sub-genre within the ufological scene as much as Martin Cannon’s important paper, “The Controllers: A new hypothesis of Alien Abduction,” first published in the pages of the MUFON Journal in 1989. Martin Cannon spoke of how nearly every major politician had a file drawer full of “wavies”: people who claimed harassment by electronic waves.

“They claim to be victims of clandestine bombardment with non-ionizing radiation – or microwaves. They report sudden changes in psychological states, alteration of sleep patterns, intracerebral voices and other sounds, and physiological effects. Most people never realize how many wavies there are in this country. I’ve spoken to a number of wavies myself.” – Martin Cannon

This latest public relations push for a third type of voice in the head induction technology, attempting to capitalize upon and normalize the invasion of your headspace, does not bode well for the public at large nor those groups of “political wavies” and other persons perceiving malevolent persecution at the hands of orchestrated electromagnetic harassment. At the same time, this new publicity may actually help those communities of self-proclaimed mind kontrol victims (like Austin’s own that have sprung up across the United States and around the world in England and elsewhere.

In recent years mind control conspiracy theories have moved from the realm of fringe parapolitical investigations and UFO lore into the world of marketing, advertising and even military industry rumor blogging. The past few years WIRED magazine’s own military technology blog has been following chatter about the United States military’s “Voice of AllahPsyOps technology. Technologies that several writers have linked back to the idea of Grand UFO Deception scenarios, wherein the world is plunged into co-experiencing a mass UFO event in which everyone hears the voice of their particular God (or aliens) speaking directly to them inside their heads – often along with a Project Blue Beam hologram of Allah or Jesus. Heck, maybe they’ll use a hologram of the Loch Ness monster.

“Taliban soldiers who hear voices from the skies over Afghanistan may think it’s divine intervention. The Department of Defense would like them to see it that way.”Stars and Stripes, 2001 (

But of course we know of other folks besides new Holosonic and Holographic victims who experience voices and visions. Schizophrenics are often reported to describe hearing cruel and harassing voices in their heads or voices that are perceived as coming from an external source like a nearby radio – a radio that may in fact be turned off but is spewing debilitating chatter. Thankfully there are those in the psychiatry community waking up to the need for new standards of diagnosis in view of such “crazy” “wavie” inducing technologies. It was another local self-proclaimed mind kontrol victim who made me aware of Carole Smith’s important article from the Journal of Psycho-Social Studies titled, “On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology.” Thank goodness we still have the internet to get this information out there.

So the next time you hear voices in your head, don’t jump to the conclusion you are crazy, or that you are a mind control victim, and certainly don’t jump to your death. Because it just might be some international PR firm trying to sell you on their latest client’s product or political views or, just as easily, some mean-spirited kid with a directional ultrasound gun trying to get your goat. If the voices persist and you decide to seek professional help, go prepared and go armed, not with a sniper rifle, but with all of this handy information before telling your psychologist you hear voices in your head.

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