Suspicious Death of Scientology Critic Shawn Lonsdale

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For those not familiar with the history of the Church’s criminal activities (including the single largest infiltration of the United States government in history orchestrated in the UK by David Gaiman, father of The Sandman comics creator Neil Gaiman) and the past and current activism against them, you should know that Scientology is waging global war against Psychiatry and the world’s Goyim whom the church wants to eliminate. So why would this devoted anti-Scientologist activist suddenly commit suicide in such a bizarre and suspicious way so soon after the largest world-wide campaign gained public attention?

Video excerpt above from BBC documentary about Scientology featuring Lonsdale.

Excerpt below from

Shawn Lonsdale RIPHe endured death threats and smear campaigns. He worked for a brief time in his younger days as a male prostitute, and flyers with this information were posted all over town. He was undeterred by these tactics. You can read more about him here. You can also see Lonsdale featured in a BBC documentary about Scientology, including a scene in which uberhandler Tommy Davis rushes onto the scene to make sure that reporter John Sweeney knows about Lonsdale’s minor criminal convictions. The link takes you to a compilation video of what Sweeney endured in filming his documentary. Cult Watch - Shawn LonsdaleLonsdale’s bit starts at around 2:45.)

And now, one week after the most widespread anti-Scientology action in history, he is dead from what police are calling an “apparent suicide.”

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