Real or Surreal – Black Ops Badges

Posted on March 7, 2008 by


alleged Area 51 patch

by SMiles Lewis

Some time back I saw this allegedly official patch for stealth bomber pilots and crew. The 509th Bomber Wing were the first atomic bomb flyers and were based out of Roswell, New Mexico. I never thought it was likely to be real.

Then last year friend and fellow researcher Greg Bishop wrote about his encounter with the patch while working on a new British documentary called Mirage Men. Apparently, UFO researcher Curtis Peebles had acquired one of the patches. And another UFO researcher, Dennis Balthaser actually called the Air Force and interrogated someone over the phone trying to ascertain the validity and meaning behind the patch.

Now, it appears that an artist and activist named Trevor Paglen is having a bit of fun doing what he likes to do most, “deliberately blurring the lines between social science, contemporary art, and a host of even more obscure disciplines in order to construct unfamiliar, yet meticulously researched ways to interpret the world around us.” You see, Trevor just posted an article with slideshow and accompanying audio to the Newsweek website detailing this and many other exotic patches: Badges of Secrecy.

So while I doubt the validity of his analysis of these likely hoaxed patches and badges, I still have to stop and ponder their reality, and consider it alongside Trevor’s work in exposing “secret military bases, the California prison system, and the CIA’s practice of ‘extraordinary rendition.’

By the way, you can get replicas of this and other patches through this LINK.