Researcher Roundtable Resurrected

Posted on March 28, 2008 by


by SMiles Lewis

Researcher Roundtable DiscussionANOMALY magazine is proud to present the resurrection of The Elfis Network’s Researcher Dialogue project. Years ago the ELFIS Portal to Possible Paradigms launched a short lived section to its online E.L.F. Infested Spaces journal called Researcher Dialogue. Within that section of the online zine was to be a regular Question and Answer session for every issue, wherein a question on anomalous phenomena would be posed to the panelists composed of invited Kooks, each a noted Author and Researcher in some field of Anomaly Studies.VW Beetle Alien

Among the first round of Invited Panelists was ParaPolitical Researcher Jim Keith, Paranormal Publisher and Author Greg Bishop, then Elfis Editor Mr. Baggins, Elfis Founder SMiles Lewis, Crackpot Historian Adam Gorightly, Hauntings Investigator Dennis Hauck, Local Investigator I.M. Aliensun, Devil’s Advocate Tim Brigham, Mysterious Investigator Eugenia Macer-Story, CyberFortean NeuroAnthropologist Steve Mizrach, Excluded Middlers Robert Larson and Peter Stenshoel, and Veteran Pagan Peacenik Thom Laaki.

In 1999 when the Elfis Network launched the Researcher Dialogue, the initial question for our panelists was …

VW Beetle Reverse Engineered from UFOs TV advert“Given the proliferation in recent years of ufo / paranormal / dreamtime imagery in the media (VW’s “Reverse Engineered From UFOs” ad comes glaringly to mind), do you feel that this is actually changing or affecting the phenomenon itself? Is the mass-media consciousness causing the UFO phenomenon to change the way it interfaces with us?”

We had a wealth of responses from a variety of perspectives:

We’ll be posting these original responses shortly and we hope to get some responses to this original question from some of the original invitees who have only just recently begun to compose their replies … 7 years later.

In the near future we hope to pose a variety of questions to our original panelists and some new participants as well. The questions posed will be dealing with a wide range of anomalous phenomena ranging, as always, from the paranormal to the parapolitical.

What questions might we ask next? Perhaps …

  • “Has there been a decrease in the number of reported ‘Alien Abductions’ post 911? What might that mean?”
  • “Is corruption in politics just an anomaly, or are ParaPolitics the real norm?”
  • “How many anomalies surround the attacks of September 11th? What do these anomalies tell us about the nature of the 911 Conspiracy?”
  • “Do blind people have ‘Alien Abduction’ experiences? What about ‘Lucid Dreams’? How do they differ from those with 20/20 vision?”
  • “What standards of evidence do our panelists find the most and least convincing regarding UFOs versus Bigfoot versus Remote Viewing versus Criminal Conspiracy?”
  • “How many mentalists does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

These and many other questions will be explored within this new forum here at ANOMALY magazine.

– SMiles Lewis