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by SMiles Lewis

“My Dream is a Code Waiting to Be Broken. Break the Code, Solve the Crime.”

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper’s BiographyIn the small idyllic border town of Twin Peaks, Washington, tucked away in the forested mountains, a murder mystery unfolds involving the killing of the local high school prom queen, Laura Palmer. When a second high schooler, and potential victim of the same killer, crosses the State’s border, the FBI sends Special Agent Dale Cooper to investigate what we later find out, in the prequel, is one of FBI Bureau Chief Gordon Cole’s (played by David Lynch) “Blue Rose Cases.” And so begins the strange tale of mysterious communications and fantastic encounters that engulfs the town of Twin Peaks and the lives of all its quirky inhabitants, including its newest arrival, Special Agent Cooper.

The initial storyline would seem to be far removed from the world of UFOlogical secrets, but for the occasional paranormal manifestations, mysterious visions, and precognitive dreams of Cooper and certain townsfolk. In fact the acronym U.F.O. is only uttered once in Major Garland Briggs at the Double R Dinerthe series and not at all in its subsequent prequel, Fire Walk With Me. It’s only in the second season, upon the return of Major Garland Briggs (after his abduction by a mysterious anomalous light accompanied by owls and a cloaked figure) and his mentioning of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book, that Dale Cooper says the words, “Unidentified Flying Objects.” (And also when Sheriff Truman asks in a subsequent episode, “What was Wyndham Earle doing investigating UFOs?”) But besides these two overt references to UFOs there are many subtle, covert themes threaded into the fabric of the Twin Peaks story that can be used to inform the more casual viewer about the truly strange nature of UFOs and related paranormal (and even parapolitical) phenomena. It is these covert references and allusions upon which we will focus our explication of the series and its prequel in upcoming installments of this column. While an average TV watcher viewing Twin Peaks might be aware of the classic modern UFO myths of military retrieval of crashed flying saucers, governmental cover-up of recovered aliens and supposed underground bases, bedroom visitation abductions, and the human / alien hybridization stories, they are not likely to be aware of the deeper connections in the Twin Peaks milieu which speak to the nature of the UFO’s darker CryptoUfological reality; the secret coded side of UFOs and the paranormal.

Air Force’s Project Blue Book

(A mysterious shadowy Flying Triangle soars silently by in the background of Cooper’s Dream Vision within the Waiting Room of one of the Lodges) 

Many people who are casually interested in the subject of UFOs have no idea that there are in fact a handful of competing schools of thought on the subject and that these off-shoot areas of research often do not revolve around the existence of identified extra-terrestrial craft. After the foundational phase of the “Modern UFO Era” inculcated the populace with myths of Close Encounters and Contacts with Flying Saucers, a new breed of researcher began expanding their perspectives by widening their knowledge Blue Book Special Reportbase to encompass a variety of other seemingly related areas of inquiry. These arenas for research included parapsychology, shamanism, folklore, and other experimental and experiential modes of investigation. These new modes of looking at the broad spectrum of anomalous, Fortean (after researcher Charles Fort) mysteries often incorporated an understanding of deep-politics, and how parapolitical covert-operations and the ridicule factor are often used as a discrediting tool for social control and the mitigating of publicly perceived paradigms. In certain circles these alternative approaches Blue Book Archiveshave been branded as paranormal scientism, or as paranoid conspiracy theory, and are thus treated as being unscientific. And so we have a sort of CryptoUfology or ParaUfology; an unofficial ufological counter-culture of researchers looking into the deeper, hidden sides of UFOs and related paranormal phenomena.

Besides the overt references to the Air Force’s Project Blue Book and its investigation into sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, the Twin Peaks TV series and movie prequel contain a handful of other immediately obvious UFO related themes:

  • Blue Rose Cases: In the film Fire Walk With Me we are informed that the entire Twin Peaks series is a sort of X-File when a couple of FBI agents reveal that the investigation into the death of a prostitute Theresa Banks is … “one of [FBI Bureau Chief Gordon] Cole’s ‘Blue Rose Cases‘.” The details of the case are communicated to the agents in coded form through the strange theatrical undulations of Lil the Dancer.
  • Codes and Communications from Beyond: There are a variety of parapsychological phenomena within the TV series and prequel, including Agent Cooper’s Dreams and Visions, Laura Palmer’s and her Mother’s ESP, Strange Lights, etc.
  • The Owls Are Not What They Seem Owls: “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” – The Giant in one of Cooper’s dream visions implies that these nocturnal predators stalking the woods around Twin Peaks might be something more. Are they Spirits? Familiars of the Beings who inhabit the Black and White Lodges? Or are they a sort of Screen Memory clouding the minds of those who have Close Encounters with them?
  • Secret SETI: In the TV series it is revealed that Major Garland Briggs works for a SETI-like (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) Air Force deep space monitoring operation, but that they’ve turned the surveillance network towards the woods around Twin Peaks and have received signals from somewhere therein.
  • Secret Societies: Within the first few episodes of the series we learn of a generational secret society, the Bookhouse Boys, that has protected the town from the evil in the woods. We later learn that the spirit beings terrorizing the townsfolk may have their origins in the mysterious White and Black Lodges whose doorway lay in the “Ghostwoods” surrounding Twin Peaks.

Beyond the solution to the mystery of “who killed Laura Palmer” Twin Peaks is about secrets, codes, and communications from beyond. Communication from other intelligences, from a serial killer, in paper notes, dreams, and visions. Many of these messages appear linked to the mysterious denizens of the Black Lodge and the White Lodge. The motivations of the various paranormal entities are often unclear; while some are obviously malicious and demonic, and some obviously angelic and benevolent, others are harder to pigeon-hole, yet still seem too intimately connected to the demonic to warrant a neutral interpretation. To do that we must begin to look behind the Red Curtains of Twin Peaks‘ deeper hidden details, as we have barely begun to scratch the surface of its Ufological underpinnings.

UFOs & The Black Lodge – A Blue Rose Report Primer

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