More serious Bigfoot research

Posted on July 18, 2008 by


Forget all the tabloid garbage about Sasquatch massacres and psychic Bigfoots raiding garlic patches. Loren Coleman, always on the forefront of breaking news in cryptozoology, has posted an item over at Cryptomundo about a mainstream news story on yet another serious researcher hanging their hat on the sorts of camera trapping techniques being employed by field biologists studying rare and elusive animals around the globe.

Only this time the researcher, William Dranginis, also happens to be a surveillance expert for an Annapolis based government contractor who has designed his own remote camera system, the Eye Gotcha system!

You can read more about Dranginis at Cryptomundo or at the Washington City Paper site that featured him in a cover story. The Washington City Paper story also features a video of Dranginis (also linked below via YouTube) recounting his 1995 sighting, with two FBI agents, near Culpeper, Virginia.