Witches, Preachers, and Politicians, Oh My!

Posted on September 17, 2008 by


Thomas Muthee, Witch HunterI’ve been labeled a politico in the past. I’ve been villified by readers who labeled me a “Godless liberal” and a “conservative fundamentalist mouthpiece”, for the same article on the seperation of church and state. I was even fired from my first newspaper job for writing anti-pollution editorials. With Anomaly Magazine though I’ve tried to stay away from politics, leaving that territory on this site to my more political and conspiracy minded compatriots. (A notable exception being my last post, on the arrests of protesters at the RNC in Minneapolis, because there are some impositions on our liberties that just can not go ignored.)

I don’t expect to be making any partisan pleas anytime soon. But a recent article from the TimesOnline , tying Palin’s success in her bid for the governorship of Alaska with the prayers of an African Witch Hunter, seems to dovetail too nicely with our format here at Anomaly Magazine to ignore. According to that article, Palin was impressed not with Pastor Muthee’s humility and deference to the Holy Spirit, but his “powerful” demand that God “make a way” for Palin to succeed in her bid for the Governor’s seat. And it isn’t just God that Pastor Muthee is forceful with, but anyone he deems an enemy of his faith.  This includes people he labels as witches. As noted in the TimeOnline article: 

According to accounts of the witchhunt circulated on evangelical websites such as Prayer Links Ministries, after Pastor Muthee declared Mama Jane a witch, the townspeople became suspicious and began to turn on her, demanding that she be stoned. Public outrage eventually led the police to raid her home, where they fired gunshots, killing a pet python which they believed to be a demon.

And here you thought that only “radical anarchist organizers” (btw, isn’t “anarchist organizer” a bit of an oxymoron?) needed to fear having their doors kicked in under a McCain/Palin administration.