The Citizine Community Political Forum was a Success

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Monday night was the most fun I’ve had since I saw Scott Horton debate and defeat war-monger Harvey Kushner.
Scott Horton, at my request, moderated a community political forum organized by good friend Thom White (publisher of CitizineMag) and featuring some of my favorite local political friends from several different political parties.
It was GREAT! Of course it helps that it was in a cool Austin setting; a place called Spiderhouse just off the main UT Drag. Access to beer during political events like this is a necessity.


Anyway … the reviews are in … below are some of the local media’s take on the event. Video to follow soon.

The Daily TexanCandidates, activists stress power of local involvement by Blair Watler

Daily Texan Staff / Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo by Jordan Smotherman; The Daily Texan.

Wes Benedict, the Libertarian party candidate for Travis County Commissioner, debates representatives from other political parties over local issues at Spider House Cafe Tuesday.

Local activists and candidates from across the political spectrum emphasized the importance of involvement in local government at a panel debate at Spider House Cafe Tuesday night.

Citizine Magazine and Texans for Accountable Government hosted representatives from local Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Constitution and Independent parties for the first Community Political Forum to discuss how the different parties feel about issues affecting the Austin community. None of the candidates in the debate are running against each other for office.

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Split on school-tax increase, together in Domain-bashing
By Marty Toohey | Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 09:07 PM

Apparently the easiest way to drive a wedge between a Democrat, a Libertarian-leaning Republican, a Libertarian, a Constitution Party member, a Green Party member and a Ralph Nader organizer is to ask them about raising school taxes.And apparently the easiest way to bring them back together is to ask about subsidizing a shopping mall.

Those conclusions were part of a broad political discussion held Tuesday under the Christmas lights of the Spider House patio. In a wide-ranging political roundtable organized by the Citizine magazine, by far the most virulent disagreement witnessed by the approximately 25 people paying attention was about the Austin Independent School District’s Proposition 1. Supporters have framed it as raising taxes to pay for teacher pay raises.

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