New Jacques Vallee books: Forbidden Science – Volume Two and Strategem

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jvforbsciNew Books from Jacques Vallee!

The other day while browsing The Anomalist dot com headlines I noticed in the right sidebar a new book by Jacques Vallee – its the sequel to his fantastic memoirs, Forbidden Science. The original volume led right up to the dawn of the 70’s UFO Scene. There was so much in that original volume yet the prospect of more decades of revelations of the behind the scenes activities of the world’s leading UFOlogist has had me wanting for more ever since. One of the more important bits in the original Forbidden Science was Jacques’ revelations about the infamous Pentacle Memorandum addressed to Miles E. Coll from H. C. Cross; from my April 2005 Anomaly Archives eNewsletter:

One of the probable reasons for ufo researcher Jacques Vallee’s suspicions about the potential use of UFOs as a form of Disinfo and “Double Cross” was his 1967 discovery of what has become known as the “Pentacle Memo.” This document led Vallee to the discovery of secret dealings between Battelle Memorial Institute and the United States Military / Intelligence complex and plans to simulate large waves of UFOs. All of this information was kept secret from the famous scientific Robertson Panel that was tasked by the United States government to assess UFOs. From Vallee’s correspondance on the importance of the memo, we read…

“… the Pentacle proposal goes far beyond anything mentioned before. It daringly states that “many different types of aerial activity should be secretly and purposefully scheduled within the area.” It is difficult to be more clear. We are not talking simply about setting up observing stations and cameras. We are talking about large-scale, covert simulation of UFO waves under military control.

The greatest implication, which is perhaps not obvious on first reading but which amounts to a scandal of major proportion in the eyes of any scientist, has to do with the outright manipulation of the Robertson panel. Here is a special meeting of the five most eminent scientists in the land, assembled by the government to discuss a matter of national security. Not only are they not made aware of all the data, but another group has already decided “what can and cannot be discussed (Pentacle’s own words!)” when they meet. Dr. Hynek categorically stated to me that the panel was not briefed about the Pentacle proposals.

Revelation of this document may seem irrelevant to Just Cause, but its explosive nature wasn’t lost on Battelle. As I noted in Forbidden Science, and as Fred Beckman vividly recalls to this day, the Project Stork team reacted with fury when Hynek went back to Battelle in 1967, demanding to know the truth. The man I have called Pentacle snatched his notes away and told him in no uncertain terms that the contents of the memo were not to be discussed, under any circumstances.

I find it odd that a group that claims to be interested in the historical study of our field, as Just Cause does, should fail to see the significance of the Pentacle Memo, which is an authentic document, when so much time, money and ink have been devoted over the last several years to an in-depth analysis of the MJ-12 papers, which were faked. Perhaps the Pentacle memo only proves that scientific studies of UFOs (and even their classified components) have been manipulated since the fifties. But it also suggests several avenues of research which are vital to the future of this field: why were Pentacle’s proposals kept from the panel? Were his plans for a secret simulation of UFO waves implemented? If so, when, where and how?  What was discovered as a result? Are these simulations still going on?

[From … The “Pentacle Memo”: CUFON enters the “Pentacle Memo” controversy. File contains 2 letters from Jacques Vallee and text of the Pentacle Memo.] <>


Looking at the entry for Vallee’s latest addition to his memoir series I noticed that, lo and behold, he also has a new fiction book out as well. It is called Strategem which immediately evokes memories of his thesis in his seminal 1979 book (recently re-published by Daily Grail Publishing) as well as the themes in his only other science fiction story published in English, Fastwalker (co-written by Tracy Tormé). There is only this brief description of his new book at Amazon:

Two high-tech executives from Silicon Valley witness unexplained phenomena while on vacation in Brazil. They become the targets of a classified project ready to kill them to capture their data.

I immediately ordered both books and am anxiously awaiting their delivery. We’ll report back once we’ve got them and devoured their contents.

In the meantime, check out these reviews already online by Austin’s own former military remote viewer Paul Smith, plus commentary from Milton Hourcade and Brett Robinson.

And don’t forget that you can now pick up all 3 books of Jacques’ Alien Contact Trilogy series thanks to their being republished by Anomalist Books:


Now Available: Dimensions, Confrontations, and Revelations