Hawaiin Woman Claims To Find 5 Dollar Bill Inside Coconut

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Just plain weird and Fortean … a great pick-me-up story in a world gone mad.


Woman Claims To Find $5 Bill Inside Coconut

PEARL CITY, Hawaii — It is a mystery to a family in Pearl City, Hawaii, and they swear it really happened. A woman said she found a $5 bill inside a coconut.

Kuulei Mata said she brought home fresh coconuts from a local market and cracked some of them open.

She was disappointed to find that one, and then another, had water but no meat.

The coconuts were so bad she was going to return them and ask for her money back. Then she cracked open another one and reached inside.

“I went in with my fingers and out came this money. I didn’t realize it was $5,” Kuulei Mata said. “I called my husband and said, ‘Look! Look!'”

Ron Mata had been watching TV. He said sure enough, his wife produced $5 from the coconut, which had been in a refrigerator.

“So I grabbed it. It was a wet, damp and cold $5 bill she got. I said, ‘No! No way,'” Ron Mata said.

The couple has no idea how the money found its way into the hard shell fruit.

The Matas understand skeptics saying, “It’s too good to be true. It’s like, believe it or not, you know?”

It makes one wonder if money may grow on trees after all.”

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