Ufologist Richard Hall has died

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Richard H. Hall

(December 25, 1930 – July 17, 2009)

On Friday I learned of the death of UFOlogist Richard Hall by way of an email sent from Jerome Clark through the UFO UpDates eList:

I have just received word that veteran ufologist Richard Hall,
who was both a friend and hero to me, died this morning of the
cancer he had been fighting.

Ufology has lost a giant.

Jerry Clark


Richard Hall was a very significant researcher and historic advocate for rational and scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon. He was rather unflinchingly anti-paranormal and rejected the works of two of my favorite UFO researchers, Jacques Vallee and John Keel.

Falling on the heels of John Keel’s passing and the tributes to his work and falling within the slew of other “celebrity” deaths of late Hall’s passing perhaps signals that we are indeed moving into new ufological territories bereft of some of our best travelling companions and guides…

rhandkeyhoe2I never met or corresponded with John Keel but I did have the opportunity to meet and interact with Richard Hall at least a few times. At my first big UFO conference experience in 1992, at the annual MUFON symposium (that year’s was in Albuquerque, New Mexico) I found myself in line at the bar with Richard Hall. I struck up a conversation and immediately planted my foot deeply in my mouth by accidentally disrespecting him and obviating my lack of historical ufological knowledge by referring to him as “that columnist in UFO Magazine.” At the time I had a decent knowledge of the history of civilian UFO investigation organizations but I did not realize that Richard Hall had served for a decade helping the historic NICAP group (and Donald Keyhoe pictured to the right) as well as serving as Chairman of the Fund for UFO Research.

Years later, Mr. Hall was incredibly dismissive of some email list postings of mine on the previously mentioned UFO UpDates eList. All because I dared mention the Bilderberg meetings, thus branding myself a conspiracy nut and not worthy of his time. Oh well. I respected him then and I respect his legacy now.

Farewell Richard Hall! Your efforts shall be remembered.

 – SMiles Lewis

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