Spectacular Aerial Display Over Norway on Eve of Obama's Nobel Prize Visit

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On the eve of Obama’s Nobel Prize acceptance visit, a mesmerizing white spiral vortex, accompanied by a beautiful blue plume, has been recorded and reported by numerous sources across Norway. Amazing pictures are pouring in as well as several videos that are going viral as we type this message.

The aerial occurrences are getting lots of discussion across the internet. Could this stargate-like display be connected to the Large Hadron Collider? Is it a dimensional doorway into other realms? Is it a publicity stunt presaging the arrival of President Obama?

So far the consensus seems to be it is the result of a failed Russian missle test – which Russia has now confirmed.

The pictures which show the most distinct spiral form, at first seem to be the most likely to have been photoshopped. Yet there are already scientifically modelled cgi videos that would seem to vindicate the spirals plausible rocket science origins.

In fact the photos and video footage seem very familiar and after doing a little scroogling yesterday afternoon I found the footage which was causing my pseudo-Déjà vu:

UFO – Spiral Slips out of Wormhole in Tomsk Russia

It seems that a very similar phenomenon was recorded and similarly swept the net by storm just a few years ago. The footage was allegedly from Tomsk in Russia circa either 2006 or 2007. Speculation then as now was that this was a Russian missile test. That appears to be the most sound explanation so far with the Norway Spiral.

Here is another video which seems somewhat suggestive of rocket test and is apparently from Toe’s Beach in Playa del Rey, California (the earliest upload date I’ve found is 2006):

Russian rocket / missile tests have a long history of connection to modern UFO reports. UFO researcher Jacques Vallee and UFO skeptic James Oberg have both written about this subject, showing that the Kremlin (like its American counterparts) has often utilized UFO reports as cover for covert weapons testing and deployment – sometimes even in violation of international treaties.

It all kind of reminds me of the Babylon 5 Jumpgate graphics…

 – SMiles Lewis

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