Alleged Photos and Footage of China UFO

Posted on July 17, 2010 by


There has been a lot of media attention for the news reports of a UFO over China causing authorities to shut down an airport. Many photographs and some video footage are circulating and being ascribed to the sighting reports. Here are two examples of said video footage:

Russian version without the cool music:

However it, along with nearly every photograph allegedly of the sighted objects, is probably not what was actually sighted in China.

While I certainly don’t know this for sure myself most of the examinations of the photographs and video seem to indicate that they are not of the alleged China ufo – though the media continue to mislabel them as such.

It appears that the footage is from a “sighting of a Russian Soyuz-U launching a Progress M-06M vehicle to the ISS on June 30, 2010.” And most of the photos presented as those of the Chinese ufo appear to be long exposure photos of aircraft – specifically helicopters.

Things similar to this have been happening a lot lately, where the media mis-attribute previously existing footage to a new sighting:

So while there may have been a true UFO sighting it appears that no actual visual evidence of the sightings has been released, yet.