Bigfoot Every Day

Posted on August 5, 2010 by


Billboard heading North on South First.

"Patty" Bigfoot - Patterson Gimlin film

Will I see her again? Every day for the past six months I’ve seen her on my way to work. Her round hairy bosom and bounding wide stride juxtaposed next to the motionless sleek backside of a Cylon “Number Six” clone.

In this odd billboard I’ve seen at 3 locations around Austin the advertisement’s designers have turned Patty into a “Patsy for Hair Removal,” hawking “the latest in medical and cosmetic services as well as relaxing spa treatments.”

Of course, as much as the barebacked blond temptress reminds me of BSG actress Tricia Helfer the very name of the Serenity Creek Spa conjures sultry imagery of the same named sci-fi flick’s mysterious  “River Tam” played by actress Summer Glau.

But today on the way to work, my drive-time mistresses were nowhere to be seen. Considering just how elusive a phenomenon bigfoot creatures have been, it felt strange to see one every day. So much for my daily hairy hominid sighting and the strangely balanced cognitive dissonance created by the imagery of a black-haired bulk of yin energy coupled to the slender white yang energy, swirling together through mutual acts of bodies twisting backwards to flirtatiously glance at us over their shoulders.

We’ve seen this sort of thing before and we’ll undoubtedly see it again.

Messin with Sasquatch advertising campaign

Here is a shot of another of the billboards…

Billboard heading South on South Lamar