Boycott PARKSIDE Restaurant on 6th Street in Austin, Texas

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Boycott PARKSIDE Restaurant on 6th Street

UPDATE: Now you can help Best Wurst recoup there legal fees…


Susan Kwasniak August 23 at 3:40pm:
We succeeded in keeping Best Wurst on 6th. But,the legal fees came to $15,000 an awful lot for a small business. If all 3,000 members of this group contribute $5, we can pay off the cost of the lawyers.Oh, and if you want to refrain from going to Parkside, that would make me happy too!We’ve set up a fundraiser to help cover those costs. If you can help out go to
to donate. Any amount helps! And of course, going down and buying a Best Wurst is another great way to help. The Best Wurst fans rock!

P.S. – These words are from a fan and not necessarily the views of the Best Wurst–that’s for you Marty and Shawn Cirkiel. Jon is not asking for a boycott. Just me–a person who doesn’t think highly of the Cirkiel family’s ethics.

I never ate there (PARKSIDE) and now I never will. If you aren’t familiar with this and other recent battles (see end of article) that pit New Austin against Old Austin, then you have some catching up to do:

  • Businesses fight for Sixth St. sidewalk (Video)
    Parkside, Best Wurst want same spot to sell food
I urge all those who care about the past and future of Austin to “vote with your dollars” and to Boycott businesses like Parkside who threaten the very foundations of what has made Austin so great.
Here is what Jon Notarthomas of BEST WURST said yesterday, August 18:
In short:  The City decides Best Wurst has impeccable record and is fully entitled to their location. However, Parkside persists with their bullying tactics upon the City of Austin and the Best Wurst, and with mounting legal bills and financial losses due to Parkside’s actions, we decide it best to yield to the battle. We have chosen to vacate our location as it becomes apparent that Parkside will use any means to rid Best Wurst of its rightful location.

The Bigger Picture:   We succumb to Parkside incessant and unrelenting bullying to give up our space. Despite being cleared by the City, having noted on record that our record is “impeccable” and having been informed that if we should push for our original location, the City would have no reason to deny us. The city has stated that we in fact have full legal right to remain in our spot, yet Parkside has made it clear that they will fight the City and/or Best Wurst by any means to keep us from what is ours.

Unaware that we have accepted an agreement already, Parkside have already begun writing city officials to try and oust us on regulatory grounds and by trying to apply code enforcement in their misdirected tactics, while embarrassingly demonstrating to the city (again) their poor understanding of city statute and regulations.

With peace of mind that we have done nothing wrong and that we are on the moral and legal high ground, we none-the-less realize that we can not in good conscious put the City through the battle that would inevitably arise. Likewise, we can not afford to continue a battle with mounting legal bills and losses over $15,000 due to the Parkside’s actions. Instead, we choose to be away from the toxic energy of the Cirkiel’s and Parkside Restaurant.

In the interest of the community, and our own financial well being, we have agreed to accept a solution worked out between Best Wurst, the City of Austin and the Pedi-Program to build out a pedestrian space in front of the burnt out Black Cat that will incorporate a pedestrian space with a bike rack and room for the Best Wurst mid-block. This is about 60 feet from our original location at 309 E. 6th street. While it leaves us literally “in the gutter” for the time being, and with an unsure future depending on the business that takes up at the Black Cat space, it is the best resolve for the moment.

While we had hoped that the Cirkiel’s might realize their misjudgment and abide by the city’s decision and by current law, it has become increasingly obvious that they play by their own rules. Likewise, after a brief meeting with father and building owner Martin Cirkiel, I had hoped his words about coming together when this was over, and about the importance of the “healing process” were sincere, I now realize it was simply more lip service. His actions after that talk proved geared toward running up our legal bills with numerous calls to our lawyer, and trying to force us into costly mediation. Likewise, discussions of a settlement as incentive to move proved a ruse, and in turn let me know that the Cirkiels simply feel a sense of entitlement.

We know we have a ways to go to fix things, but we can begin here.

We want to thank all of you for your support during this difficult time. It has been your letters and emails that have tipped the scale in our favor. Likewise, we thank the City of Austin for their patience and open mindedness in finding a solution for this problem and recognizing the value of a small small business like Best Wurst! And please be thankful for this team that appeared out of nowhere: Susan Kwasniak, Alexandra Landeros, JoRae Di Menno, and David Holmes. They have led the path and saved the Best Wurst. And believe it or not, our lawyer who has done an amazing job in giving sound advice, Monica Emilienburg of Richard’s, Rodriguez & Skeith.

As for Parkside? Vote with your dollar, and Say what you will. I trust in integrity,…and for those without, I prey for growth!

In optimism,
Jon Notarthomas

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