UFO-Folklore in Deconstruction

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Another great and thoughtful article from The Reynolds Group’s “Caravaca Files” website:

Many myths and folklore from different cultures have evolved during experiences such as these I’m going to tell.

Depending on the social context and the prevailing belief of the time, anomalous phenomena have been interpreted and oriented in one direction or other (gods, ghosts, fairies, elemental beings, et cetera).

Most disconcerting is that the phenomena themselves have accepted these “definitions” and have adapted their manifestation parameters to those “provided” and “designed” by the witnesses themselves.

The experiences of which we speak are displayed in a “multivalent” which could allow a wide range of interpretations, depending on our particular personal approach. Even the “encounter with the unknown” could “mutate” (transform) while we perceive (feel) it.

Read the entire article here: The Caravaca Files: UFO’S: FOLKLORE IN DECONSTRUCTION.

The article talks about one of my favorite of the earliest CE3K cases implying “alien abduction” but also replete with faery-like entities.

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