What About Whitley? Strieber’s Necessary Fantasy?

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What, No Aliens? Manufactured Narratives, Imaginal Beings, & Strieber’s Necessary Fantasy?
By jasunhorusly March 12, 2013

http://auticulture.wordpress.com/2013/0 … y-fantasy/

“Whitley Strieber & the Paradigm of Doom”
http://auticulture.com/wp-content/uploa … f-Doom.pdf

The Kephas-Strieber-Mother-Strangled Inner-Outer Connections
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Kephas & the Pit: As Within, So Without
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The Whitley Enigma: Many Voices, One Song
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Here We Go Down the Strieber Rabbit Hole Again!
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Strieber, the Mother-Strangled Boys, and the Real Alchemical Path
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Autism & the Other (Perceptual Warfare) Full PDF
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http://auticulture.com/wp-content/uploa … -Other.pdf

hidden experience: extremely odd nameless website
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STRANGLED (Podcasts and Notes on Strieber and THE KEY)