Vid of the Week: Airspace Video Shows Skies Teeming With Jets – 3/14/14

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On the heels of Malaysia Airlines 370 777 … an altogether much more pleasant visualization of Gaia’s human ecology… Video at the Link – Airspace Video Shows Skies Teeming With Jets.

Airspace Video Shows Skies Teeming With Jets

Britain’s air traffic controller Nats has produced a video showing what plane-filled skies look like on a typical summer day.

The illustration combines UK radar data and European flight plan information from two days in June and July.

Nats says a few highlights include the North Atlantic tracks that connect Europe with North America, the airways that run up the spine of the UK, the holding stacks at London’s capacity-stretched airports and the military manoeuvres off Anglesey in Wales. Airspace is the ‘lifeblood’ of Britain’s economy, says Nats

“Airspace might be the invisible infrastructure,” Nats says.

“But it is every bit as important as the road, rail and utility networks we all rely on everyday. It is the lifeblood of our island economy, connecting the UK to the rest of the world.

“Getting it right matters and we all have a stake in it.

“We hope you enjoy it and that is acts as a small reminder of the incredible work air traffic controllers, working with pilots and ground crew, do every single day.”

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