Roswell Slides Saga Unravels Like Mummy’s Shroud

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Roswell Slides: Solve the mystery in 1.5 minutes

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“I am often asked why I don’t participate more in the UFO community. Things like this are why? People are so eager to believe that their ability to discriminate is compromised. In this case, though, it looks like something even worse than that. Very disappointing. I must thank you guys for doing a great job! It’s the lead story on Unknowncountry today. (May 9. 2015)” Whitley Strieber on May 9, 2015 at 5:36 pm

“I have learned much about myself and things that I need to change in order to become a better researcher. I must be less trusting, more discerning and less accusatory of those with whom I disagree.” – Anthony Bragalia – UFO Conjecture(s)

You folks solved in no more than 2-3 days what the promoters claimed not to have been able to solve in 3 years!” Researcher Ted Molczan

“Just wanted to mention that several people have downloaded that program and all of them got the same result – so it isn’t “disinfo from the debunkers.” ” – Lesley GunterThe Debris Field

Curt Collins of Blue Blurry Lines and the independent Roswell Slides Research Group wrote this rush report late Friday, May 8th … (See also

The Placard of the Roswell Slides: The Final Curtain

Special Rush report from The Roswell Slides Research Group


The Roswell Slides second biggest mystery was the content of the placard on the alleged alien body.

Several statements were made about it, some contradictory:

The Roswell Slides and the Truth by Anthony Bragalia
This ‘placard’ is not very evident in the video grab image. However, it has been enlarged by experts and the writing, in red ink, is handwritten, not typed, as would be found in a biological display in a museum.
Tom Carey was interviewed about the Roswell Slides on the March 22, 2015 episode of Jaime Maussan’s Contacto on Tercer Milenio TV. Carey said that experts have been able to read some words on the placard on the case and that, “debunkers will be disappointed.”
The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett Apr 12, 2015

Tom Carey and Don Schmitt were interviewed, of the show’s expert presentations, Schmitt said:)


This will be part of the event, part of the program in May, that all of these analytical reports, all of the analyses, all of the main experts as well as the photographic experts who examined- there’s a placard, very fuzzy, that can not be legibly read by the naked eye, yet we’ve had everyone from Dr. David Rudiak, to Studio MacBeth, even the Photo Interpretation Department of the Pentagon, as well as Adobe have all told us that it’s beyond the pale, that it cannot be read, it is totally up to interpretation.So, we truly feel we have performed due diligence; we have done everything we can to substantiate and prove what is contained within these slides, whether it is something of a human malady or something truly extraordinary.

During BeWitness, it was announced that despite the work of a number of experts, the placard could absolutely not be read.
The slide with the placard was visible, and the writing was evident, if unclear.
“We couldn’t make anything clearly out of the placard… several others, who did not have much luck.” – Adam Dew
“Nobody could read anything decisively in the placard, unfortunately. I am sure people will make attempts to do this going forward….. ” Adam Dew
He was right, and most of the placard has now been read.


At the time of burial the body was clothed in a xxx-xxx cotton
shirt. Burial wrappings consisted of these small cotton blankets.
 Xxxxxed by the X.I. Xxxxxx, San Francisco, California.
Could if be “Cleared by the S.I.” (Security Inspector?)
The question then, becomes, how was this not discovered by the experts examining the case in the years of investigation?

More details and prop credits to follow.

The Roswell Slides Research Group

Source: Blue Blurry Lines: The Placard of the Roswell Slides: The Final Curtain




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    Bragalia’s article as printed in UFO Today magazine.

    I must offer my sincerest and deepest apologies to the Native American people of the Southwestern United States. One of their children, a dead child from well over a century ago, was made a spectacle. Whoever you are, you deserve to be extended dignity and respect. Your people, the Ancestral Puebloans, honored you by preserving you. I played part in disturbing your eternal rest, and for that I am so very sorry. Though I did not seek nor receive any money from any of this saga, and though my efforts were sincere and my offense unintentional, I am making a substantial donation to an American Indian children’s charity and encourage everyone else who played part to do the same.


Image Above Right: Bragalia’s article as printed in UFO Today magazine.


What About Hilda…


Setting aside the placard for a moment the clear image that Dolan sent to C2C–oops (which I’m guessing the promoters of the hokum weren’t to happy about) was the (first) nail in the coffin. The pristine images weren’t displayed during the gig as promised; they were all edited and in a blue cast–why?! The placard describing what the exhibit was/is was bleached out! Why?!

One need not be a rocket scientist to deduce from the image that it is of a museum and or similar type exhibit/display with other displays visible . . . why were these facts never mentioned from those that had seen the images in their pristine, high resolution condition before hand?!

How do we rule out malicious intent with this damning evidence on the table?

At the moment I can’t think of a worse disgrace suffered by Ufology; this is Ufology’s Piltdown Man, orchestrated by Ufology’s PT Barnum & friends!



“There is also another issue raised by a commenter, saying that the reason why Dew chose to exhibit the Kodachrome slides in Mexico is because he does not own the copyright as the rightful owner of the discovered materials are either people named in the will or the managers of the estate where it was found.”


Jaime Maussan, the journalist who organised the unveiling, replied: …

“I lost about $100 thousand in the event, even though we had six thousand people in the auditorium and a few thousand watching on the Internet.