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Is Science Kind of a Scam?

November 29, 2015


Is Science Kind of a Scam? NEW YORKER Magazine – What makes science science? The pious answers are: its ceaseless curiosity in the face of mystery, its keen edge of experimental objectivity, its endless accumulation of new data, and the cool machines it uses. We stare, the scientists see; we gawk, they gaze. We guess; […]

Loren Coleman – The Twilight Language of Elm Street: Mason Road of JFK/King-Kill/33

November 22, 2015


Loren Coleman – The Twilight Language of Elm Street: Mason Road of JFK/King-Kill/33 Dealey Plaza was the site of the first Masonic temple of Texas. It also was the location of the killing of President John F. Kennedy. First photo: Dealey Plaza in the aftermath of the assassination of President John F.Kennedy. Second photo: Ike […]

Ripper was popular singer Michael Maybrick – ‘a psychopath shielded by servants of the (Masonic) state’

November 11, 2015


Michael Maybrick photographed in 1907  Photo: Courtesy of Fourth Estate After 15 years of research, the director of Withnail and I believes he has cracked the most enduring mystery in British criminal history … “…the man in charge of the investigation, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Charles Warren. … Jack the Ripper was not, as […]

Cubas Mysterious Numbers Station Is Still on the Air

September 18, 2015


Cuba’s Mysterious ‘Numbers Station’ Is Still on the Air Written by Joshua Kopstein / September 16, 2015 On August 18 at 22:00 UTC, I heard a government intelligence agency transferring encrypted messages to spies over the radio. Or at least, that’s the most common explanation for what I heard. I dialed to the correct frequency—17480 kHz—using […]

Security Theater by Emily Elizabeth Brown at The New Inquiry

September 5, 2015


Security Theater By Emily Elizabeth Brown What crisis actor conspiracy theorists believe to be fake implies a much more generous view of the real During the Sandy Hook shooting, a 69 year-old retired psychologist named Gene Rosen opened his home to six terrified children immediately after the massacre. A month later, Salon magazine published an […]

Anomaly Radio weather alert 6/19/15

June 19, 2015


Anomaly Radio weather alert 6/19/15 Check out the original source here Anomaly’s boos Check out the original source here ANOMALY RADIO » Anomaly Radio Round-Up

Roswell Slides Saga Unravels Like Mummy’s Shroud

May 10, 2015


@SlideboxMedia – Adam Dew Has Some Explaining To Do / Roswell Slides: Solve the mystery in 1.5 minutes (Your independent verification welcomed) “I am often asked why I don’t participate more in the UFO community. Things like this are why? People are so eager to believe that their ability to discriminate is compromised. […]