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A Mind-Altering Mysterious Woman

January 20, 2015 by


Interesting article by Nick Redfern on a story related by John Keel… was this a case of a scopolamine type drug (known as “Devil’s Breath” in Columbia from the Borrachero tree) being used to make someone do something against their will? Mention the name of John Keel to anyone with an interest in UFOs, cryptozoology, and […]

Kathleen Marden on Scientific American article about Accidental Awareness and Alien Abduction

December 28, 2014 by


  Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2015 Accidental Awareness or Alien Abduction? by Kathleen Marden A recent article in the November 11 issue of Scientific American claims that alien abductions might be nothing more than “accidental awareness” caused by psychological damage inflicted upon a patient who awakens too soon while undergoing surgery. This hypothesis is presented […]

A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane — And Nobody Knows What’s Causing It

June 21, 2014 by


A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane — And Nobody Knows What’s Causing It by Jared Keller This a pressing public health issue. It is not just some casual annoyance, claims Kohlhase. The resulting infrasonic sounds blanketing the region could result in widespread vibroacoustic disease — an occupational disease occurring from long-term exposure to large […]

What If Missing Time Is Supposed To Stay Missing? by JayVay

February 17, 2014 by


  This gets me to a point about missing time. Missing time is the thing we fill in with hypnosis, right? That’s the whole reason for the hypnosis debacle in the first place: you have a weird experience and there’s a chunk of time missing and you want to know what happened. But if the […]

Manifesting the Mystic Morphic Field

January 24, 2014 by


  by Zen Gardner There was an interesting article recently about researchers who found within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11. The huge spike in chatter regarding the events immediately prior to the strikes is completely anomalous. In other words, it goes on to say, for it to […]

Data-Mining Our Dreams –

October 21, 2013 by


The earliest work in the quantitative study of dream content goes back more than a century, to a Wellesley psychologist named Mary Whiton Calkins. Her 1893 article “Statistics of Dreams” described one of the first scientific experiments devoted to dream content. Calkins and a colleague kept journals of their dreams, recording each one upon awakening. […]

How reality caught up with paranoid delusions by Mike Jay at Aeon Magazine

August 25, 2013 by


The reality show Schizophrenics used to see demons and spirits. Now they talk about actors and hidden cameras – and make a lot of sense by Mike Jay Clinical psychiatry papers rarely make much of a splash in the wider media, but it seems appropriate that a paper entitled ‘The Truman Show Delusion: Psychosis in […]