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Video of the Week – ARG-Watch on PsiOp Radio May 2009

August 23, 2009 by


Anomaly TeleVision » Blog Archive » FLASHBACK: ARG-Watch on PsiOp-Radio May 2009 This Week’s Anomaly TeleVision Round-Up: Austin City Council Meeting 8/6/2009 Item #9: Austin Regional Intelligence Center Man Exercising Open Carry in Phoenix Explains Obamacare: Theft Plain and Simple MSNBC Anchor: Socialist Is Becoming the New N-Word Bridgewater Bigfoot Tracks Lost Creek Flying Saucer […]

Lunch Menu Review – Serranos at Symphony Square – Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas

August 11, 2009 by


Mind Meld With Miles Over Migas! Still no migas… but this time our review is at least TexMex. Lunch Menu Review – Serranos at Symphony Square – Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas Another extremely hot day downtown at lunch time this Summer. A few days into this Summer heat wave and I found myself eating at […]

ARG-Watch: May 2009

May 28, 2009 by


Watching the ARGonauts Play If you’ve followed the Elfis Network from the beginning then you know of my early interest in Alternate Reality Gaming and their potential for “mucking up the works” for paranormal and parapolitical researchers. You may also know that my interests were rekindled in 2007 by the provocative hypotheses of blogger DreamsEnd, […]