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Video Of The Week – Dealey Plaza 11/22/2008

January 2, 2009 by


  Dallas, Texas 11/22/2008 Part One: Dealey Plaza – 090112 AnomalyTV

Photography Credits and the InterWebs

October 24, 2008 by


Some time ago I bought Kenn Thomas’ PARAPOLITICS book and discovered that I’d become a published photographer … though uncredited. It was a still picture of John Judge from a video I’d shot at the COPA conf in Dallas in 2002 (below). Yesterday I heard part of Alex Jones’ interview with JFK researcher Bob Groden. […]

Real or Surreal – Black Ops Badges

March 7, 2008 by


by SMiles Lewis Some time back I saw this allegedly official patch for stealth bomber pilots and crew. The 509th Bomber Wing were the first atomic bomb flyers and were based out of Roswell, New Mexico. I never thought it was likely to be real. Then last year friend and fellow researcher Greg Bishop wrote […]

CASTRO and JFK: Plot and Counterplot

February 29, 2008 by


By Kenn Thomas After Fidel Castro stepped down as Cuban dictator, CNN’s post on the fanciful US assassination plots against him included the following: Project Amlash-Rolando Cubela. Cubela, whose code name was Amlash, was a member of Castro’s inner circle from the beginning. He had become disenchanted and made contact with the CIA as early […]

Detention Camp Meme Spread Today

February 21, 2008 by


Synchronistic timing in the unveiling today of the Interview with Parapolitical Researcher Kenn Thomas which deals with FEMA and Rex84 detention camp fears. Turns out Alex Jones’ own PrisonPlanet network pushed a series of interviews and articles today detailing the latest. Former Congressman Warns Of Martial Law Camps In America Rule by fear or rule […]

Interview with Parapolitical Researcher Kenn Thomas

February 21, 2008 by


Kenn Thomas Interviewed by Kali of Karmapolis. 1 – FEMA detention camps have been subjected to a lot of writing and speculation during these last years in United States. Videos, images and detailed descriptions of these camps are available on the net. It is difficult to source the origin of these descriptions. Do they really […]

Thought for the day via UK Liberty

February 11, 2008 by


Suppose every CCTV camera was replaced by a guard in a tower? Thought for the day « UK Liberty