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Will There Be Another Near Miss With a UFO/Missile Over Houston?

May 17, 2010 by


Will There Be Another Near Miss With a UFO/Missile Over Houston? John Etgen speaks with KHOU news on report of FAA rocket incident in Houston. “There will be another such loud report!” – Carl Gustav Jung to Sigmund Freud “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” – Auric Goldfinger The other […]

INACS Event in Austin – Tuesday Night Premiere of BEYOND BELIEF

January 25, 2010 by


Tuesday Austin Premiere of BEYOND BELIEF Austin IONS January 26th. Movie Premier: Beyond Belief by Austin filmakers, Becky Hays and James Holtzknecht. Embark on a journey of expanded awareness with interviews of leaders in the conscousness movement. Austin Center for Spiritual Living, 4804 Grover Ave, just south of 49th street and just east of Burnet […]

EXCLUSIVE: Another “Dublin UFO” Hoax Underway Against the Media?

January 23, 2010 by


Who’s Pranking Whom? Why Ireland and Why Triangular UFOs? AUSTIN – It’s like déjà vu all over again … remember back in October 2008 when we broke the story of how someone in Ireland’s media had been convinced that a then recent UFO sighting flap (which featured an apparent triangle ufo with a red laser […]

Video of the Week – Mysterious Pulsating Sewer Blobs Discussed on PsiOp Radio

July 12, 2009 by


Anomaly TeleVision » Blog Archive » PsiOp Radio 7/5/2009: Mysterious Pulsating Sewer Blobs Mack White and SMiles Lewis discuss the weird sewer blobs on the July 5, 2009 broadcast of PsiOp Radio. Other topics in the video: Flying Platform – Personal UFO Tunguska Event Recreation – A reconstruction of what might have been heard in […]

Roadside Torture: Official Policy of Travis Co. Sheriff's Dept.

June 9, 2009 by


SPECIAL REPORT from Mack White I defy anyone to watch this video (above) and give me one good reason why Travis County Deputy Chris Bieze was justified in Tasering a 72-year-old grandmother during a traffic stop. Yes, she was argumentative. Yes, she failed to comply with the officer’s order. But does this justify use of the […]

Flashback: Abduction Researcher Karla Turner

March 17, 2009 by


Austin Mufon 9/26/92 with Karla Turner Pt1 Part One Central Texas UFO mini-Conference on September 26, 1992. Karla Turner was an exceptional researcher and experiencer of Alien Abductions. This is part 1 of 9 parts. – SMiles Lewis The following was originally published in the Fall 1994 edition of E.L.F. INFESTED SPACES – Journal of […]

Hawaiin Woman Claims To Find 5 Dollar Bill Inside Coconut

March 11, 2009 by


Just plain weird and Fortean … a great pick-me-up story in a world gone mad. Woman Claims To Find $5 Bill Inside Coconut PEARL CITY, Hawaii — It is a mystery to a family in Pearl City, Hawaii, and they swear it really happened. A woman said she found a $5 bill inside a coconut. […]

Dr. Katherine Albrecht Speaks on Microchips at Brave New Books

March 10, 2009 by


Every Tuesday over at Anomaly Television is “Science & Technology Tuesday” when I and my friend Floyd Anderson post the latest videos related to those topics. Well last Monday night Brave New Bookstore featured an important speaker (whose radio show I sometimes carry at Anomaly Radio). Dr. Katherine Albrecht is the leading expert in America […]

The Patterson-Gimlin Film: An Analysis

March 2, 2009 by


The Patterson-Gimlin Film: An Analysis By Noah David Henson A note from the author: My name is Noah David Henson. I’ve been studying human muscular and skeletal anatomy since 1984, both as a professional illustrator and as a student of physical anthropology. I studied collegiate anthropology, including primatology and human evolution, from 1988 – 1993, […]

Video of the Week – John Keel on the Mothman

March 2, 2009 by


John Keel on the Mothman – 090302